1. RC Single Pipeline Marine Loading ArmThis single pipeline marine loading arm is a typical rotary counterweight type product. The vertical load and overturning moment load are born by the base riser and the supporting box, thus making the entire pipeline system bear no load in theory. Driven by the hydraulic cylinder, the arm can move flexibly in three directions. It is balanced by the rope sheave system and the counterweight.
    1. RC Double Pipeline Marine Loading ArmThe RC double pipeline marine loading arm is added with a vapor line which guides the returned vapor to the outlet flange. Other specifications are the same with those of the single type product. This product is mainly used for the loading and unloading of the LPG, nitrogen, hazardous gases and other media.

RC Hydraulic Marine Loading Arm

RC (Rotary Counterweight) Marine Loading Arm
We have designed and produced the RC hydraulic marine loading arm according to the use environment and the special requirements of different customers. The following is some application images and product details.

March 5, 2009
Langsat Port in Johor, Malaysia
February 15, 2009
Kianly port, LPG terminal for Turkmenbashi oil processing plant
Malaysia Project of Akr Corporindo at the port of Banjarmasin, Indonesia

Product Detail
1. The RC hydraulic marine loading arm is specially developed to meet the increasing requirements for loading critical media, and it can be designed to have long reach capability.
2. It adopts a separate support structure with large-sized mechanical bearings. This structure bears all major external load and flexible torque.
3. The pipeline is attached to the support structure by flexible parts to compensate overstress. All swivel joints are identical and their diameter is the same with that of the pipeline. The swivel joints and pipeline are only affected by the stress of internal pressure and weight.
4. The counterweight balancing system makes the loading arm balance in all directions.
5. Our product is equipped with three hydraulic driving assemblies for independent movements of the inboard arm and outboard arm as well as the slewing movements. These three interchangeable driving assemblies are operated by an electro / hydraulic control console. We can also install a portable remote control system for the control of arm movements from tanker's deck or from other points of the pier.
6. This equipment can be equipped with double ball valve, double disk valve or emergency release coupling. These devices will be automatically actuated when the tanker manifold flange moves outside the working safety envelope.
7. Quick connect/disconnect couplers (QC/DC) can be installed. They make the operation convenient and fast.
8. A vapor return line can also be equipped as per customer requirements.

You can directly choose this RC hydraulic marine loading arm, or we can design the most suitable product for you according to the detailed, accurate pier, ship, and hydrological parameters provided by you.

Design Parameters
Required Data for MLA Design

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