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Cryogenic Marine Loading Arm

According to the using environment and special requirements of different customers, we have developed this cryogenic marine loading arm. Application image and product detail are as follows.

Product Detail
The cryogenic marine loading arm is a new type product used to load and unload LNG, cryogenic ethylene and other ultra-low temperature media. Materials used to make the main pipeline are selected according to the media to be conveyed.

The support system of this loading equipment adopts a special structure to avoid direct contact with the low-temperature pipeline and prevent changes in material properties at low temperature, such as cold brittleness.

The most critical component of the loading arm, swivel joint, is also specially designed so that the six swivel joints can form an open type nitrogen loop during the using process. This enables the water vapor accumulated in the swivel joint to be carried outside by the nitrogen, thus preventing the water vapor freezing inside the steel ball raceway and protecting the raceway from being damaged.

You can directly select the above product, or you can send us the detailed, accurate terminal, ship and hydrological parameters, and we can design the most suitable product for you.

Design Parameters
Required Data for MLA Design

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