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Mobile Marine Loading Arm

We have designed and produced this mobile marine loading arm based on the using environment and customers' special requirements. The following is the application image and product detail.

February 12, 2011 Lagos, Nigeria

The mobile marine loading arm is composed of two parts: the outer arm connected to the ship and the inner arm connected with the ground pipeline. Its mobile operation ensures that all loading facilities can be removed from the workplace after the loading and unloading are completed. Therefore, the space can be saved for other operations.

All the power needed to operate this marine loading equipment is supplied by the bearing vehicle. Through the remote control, this equipment can be connected or disconnected with the ship or land pipeline easily.

You can choose the above product directly. Alternatively, you can send us the detailed, accurate ship, jetty and hydrological parameters and we can design the most suitable product for you.

Design Parameters
Required Data for MLA Design

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