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ERC Emergency Release Coupler

The emergency release coupler is installed in the vertical part of the triple swivel joint to disconnect the loading arm from the vessel in case of emergency. The ERC produced by our company consists of three parts: alarm system, hydraulic control system, and releasing connector.

The alarm system is composed of a proximity switch and a sound & light warning indicator. The hydraulic control system consists of accumulator, hydraulic control valves and hydraulic cylinders. The releasing connector is made up of cut-off valve (double ball valve), clamp mechanism and strut mechanism.

For double pipeline loading arm, both the liquid pipeline and the vapor return pipeline should be equipped with the emergency release coupler. The emergency release system installed on the vapor return pipeline is different from that on the liquid pipeline. It is just a one-way shut-off valve which is simpler than the ERC on the liquid pipeline in structure. When releasing, these two devices will operate synchronously.

Automatic release in emergency
Safe and controllable movement after releasing
Mechanical release ensures reliability
Manual operation provided

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