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Electro-hydraulic Control System

The electro-hydraulic control system is specially designed for controlling marine loading arms. It integrates some advantages of similar products and adopts a PLC. It features convenient maintenance and easy upgrade. One such equipment can control several loading arms.

This electro-hydraulic control system is composed of electrical control system, hydraulic control system, actuator and accessories.

The electrical control system is mainly composed of explosion-proof control cabinet, wireless remote control and audio-visual alarm. A displaying interface is collocated. The wireless remote control can be operated on the dock or deck within the radius of 100 meters.

The hydraulic control system mainly consists of explosion - proof hydraulic pump station, explosion - proof hydraulic valve station, and explosion relief valve box. Meanwhile, a manual hydraulic pump is equipped in case of emergency. In addition, this hydraulic control equipment adopts a stainless steel housing which has experienced special anti-corrosion treatment, so it can adapt to various strong corrosive environments.

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