1. (QC/DC) Hydraulic Quick Connect/Disconnect CouplerThis QC/DC is usually installed on the end of a loading arm. It can be directly connected to manifold flanges with three levels of sizes without any adaptor, which ensures simple and smooth connection operation. Hydraulic automatic control makes the connection and disconnection much easier.
    1. ERC Emergency Release CouplerThe alarm system is composed of a proximity switch and a sound & light warning indicator. The hydraulic control system consists of accumulator, hydraulic control valves and hydraulic cylinders. The releasing connector is made up of cut-off valve (double ball valve), clamp mechanism and strut mechanism.
    1. Electro-hydraulic Control SystemThe electro-hydraulic control system is specially designed for controlling marine loading arms. It integrates some advantages of similar products and adopts a PLC. It features convenient maintenance and easy upgrade. One such equipment can control several loading arms.
      This electro-hydraulic control system is composed of electrical control system, hydraulic control system, actuator and accessories.

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