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Top Loading Arm

The top loading arm is a typical type of land loading equipment. It is easy to install, flexible to operate, and convenient to maintain. It is used for top open loading and unloading.

This product is designed for transferring fluid between piping systems and tankers. It adopts a spring balancing mechanism and is self-supporting. The adopted high-tech swivel joint is leak-free and it enables the loading arm to move flexibly. Maintenance is easy due to the split structure.

The handled product is generally petroleum product and high-temperature product. There is level and quantity detection.

Operating modes: manual, pneumatic, hydraulic
Nominal diameter: DN40~DN200 (1.5" ~8")
Design pressure: -0.06MPa~5.0Mpa
Design temperature: -196℃~250℃
Piping material: ordinary carbon steel, low-temperature carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloy, PTFE lined steel

You can choose the above product, or we can design product for you according to the detailed, accurate vessel, terminal and hydrological parameters provided by you.

Design Parameters
Required Data for TLA Design

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