1. Top Loading ArmThis product is designed for transferring fluid between piping systems and tankers. It adopts a spring balancing mechanism and is self-supporting. The adopted high-tech swivel joint is leak-free and it enables the loading arm to move flexibly. Maintenance is easy due to the split structure.
    1. Bottom Loading ArmThe bottom loading arm has a liquid pipeline and a vapor return pipeline. It can be connected to the tanker in the side or back by flanges or quick couplers and it has excellent sealing performance. This product is mainly used for bottom closed loading and unloading of LPG, refined oil, liquid ammonia and other chemical media.
    1. Special Loading ArmOur special loading arm is mainly used for handling media which are easy to gasify at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, such as LPG, liquid ammonia, liquid oxygen, etc. It is connected with the tank truck by flanges or quick couplers, and it has good sealing performance.

Truck Railcar Loading Arm

Consisting of base riser, inboard arm, outboard arm, drop pipe, and spring balance system, the truck railcar loading arm is typically used to load and unload trucks or railcar tanks. It is flexible to move and easy to operate. It has been exported to UK, Russia and South Asia areas.

Metal Platform for Truck Railcar Loading Arm
This platform is specially designed for car loading and unloading. It can be equipped with two to three loading arms and two folding ladders. The top surface of the platform adopts a net structure, thus preventing accumulation of rain, snow and oil.

Automotive Loading Arm with Liquid Level Alarm Application Site of Automotive Double Pipeline Loading Arm

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