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On-spot Loading Arm System

According to different using environment and special requirements, our company has designed and produced the on-spot loading arm system. Some application images and product detail are as follows.

Loading Arm Close-up On-spot Loading Arm System
Product Detail Product Detail

The on-spot loading arm system is used to transfer liquid media from the refinery to the train tanker.

The on-spot loading arm system is composed of hydraulic loading arm system, traction system and central control system. The hydraulic loading arm system is the key part. It consists of lifting device, stretching device, hydraulic station, and movable car. The hydraulically controlled lifting device helps to push the lifting pipe close to the bottom of the tank truck. The traction system is made up of transmission device, movable car, tensioning device, and idler roller. It guides the tank truck forward or backward so as to align the top cover of the tank truck to the handling interface.

You can directly choose the above product, or you can provide the detailed, accurate dock, ship and hydrological parameters to us, and we can design the most suitable product for you.

Design Parameters
Required Data for BLA Design
Required Data for TLA Design

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