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Manual QRH

The manual QRH is mainly composed of the winch, locking mechanism, releasing mechanism, cable hook, hook housing, control box, footswitch, and chassis. A thin cable guiding rope is used to tow the mooring rope to the vicinity of the cable hook and the mooring rope is then hung to the cable hook. This completes the cable fastening operation of one cable. When needing release, the operator only need to pull the release lever, then the locking mechanism will open. The hook flips under the pulling of the cable, then the cable releases from the hook. This is fast and convenient.

1. Each product can release quickly at the rated load.
2. When the product is at full load, the operating force is smaller than 170N.
3. The hook head adopts a balanced design. Its reset as well as the reset of the releasing parts can be finished by only one action.
4. Our manual QRH can bear loads with the horizontal inclination less then 55 degrees.

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