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Automatic QRH

Load (single hook) 350KN~2500KN
Quantity of hook for one unit 1-6
Operating force of handle <150N
Horizontal swing angle of hook body 45º~90º
Vertical swing angle of hook body 45º
Pulling speed of electric capstan 18~25m/min
Pulling force of electric capstan 10KN~30KN
Working diameter of capstan 250mm
Model of electromotor YZBE
Explosion-proof grade of electromotor DⅡBT4
Protection grade of electromotor IP55
Power of electromotor 5.5~15kW
Power supply 3-phase AC 380V 50Hz

1. Load measuring pin, amplifier and stress detection system are used to monitor the stress of the cable in real time. The state of the anchor hook, opening or closing, is monitored as well.
2. The release mechanism consists of the electromotor, transmission, and retractable piston type putter. The release operation is directly driven by this rigid mechanical actuator and the output thrust is about 4,000N.
3. The electric release actuating mechanism is equipped with an automatic reset device. Within two seconds after the release operation is completed, the piston putter is automatically reset, thus preventing interfering with the manual operation.
4. The remotely controlled release operation is simple, safe, accurate, and efficient.
5. Energy consumption of this electric QRH is low and the maintenance is convenient.

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