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BL2 Gangway Tower

We have design and produced this BL2 gangway tower for customers. The following shows some application pictures and product detail.

Van Phong terminal, Vietnam

The BL2 gangway tower is composed of ramp, rotary column, lifting frame, tower frame, tower platform, ladder, railing, lifting mechanism, counterweight, and electro-hydraulic control system. It is equipped with several platforms. The ramp is made up of main ladder and triangular ladder which are driven by the cylinder or traction mechanism to realize luffing. The reducer drives the slewing platform to lift through the pulley block and the rotation of the platform is achieved by the single-rod cylinder. After the ramp is put on the ship, the slewing mechanism and the ramp have floating function.

The ramp, slewing platform and other lifting parts are equipped with counterweights. In order to prevent cable disarrangement during the lifting process, our gangway tower is equipped with a cable lifting mechanism.

You can choose the above product directly. Alternatively, you can send us the detail, accurate wharf, ship, and hydrological parameters, and we can design the most suitable product for you.

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