1. BL1 Column GangwayThe BL1 column gangway consists of the main ladder, front ladder, triangular ladder, rotating platform and the riser. The whole equipment is driven by the hydraulic cylinder to rotate in the horizontal plane. The cylinder drives the main ladder and front ladder to realize luffing. After lapping, the main ladder cylinder and the rotary cylinder have floating functions.
    1. BL2 Gangway TowerThe BL2 gangway tower is composed of ramp, rotary column, lifting frame, tower frame, tower platform, ladder, railing, lifting mechanism, counterweight, and electro-hydraulic control system. It is equipped with several platforms. The ramp is made up of main ladder and triangular ladder which are driven by the cylinder or traction mechanism to realize luffing.


The gangway is used for safe and smooth boarding and disembarking of crew during the operation process of modern large oil tankers docked at the pier.

Boarding and disembarking are traditionally completed by the accommodation ladder carried by the vessel itself. For modern large oil pier, especially the dolphin pier without cover, the wharf surface is not completely continuous and the elevation is relatively high. During the working process, the ship bumps frequently and the amplitude is large. Due to the large fender, the distance between the side of the ship and the wharf line is very large.

Under such conditions, connection between the ship and the wharf is difficult to solve by the accommodation ladder carried by the ship. Therefore, to speed up the loading and unloading of the ship and to ensure the safety of boarding and disembarking, replacing the ship accommodation ladder with the gangway is an inevitable choice.

The gangway and loading arm have successively become the indispensable equipment for large-scale operation of the oil tanker at the dock.

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