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Pressure Safety Valves

HTO, HTB Series Pressure Relief Valves
The HTO and HTB series pressure safety valves are designed and manufactured according to the Ⅷ volume of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. Its discharge coefficient is approved by the American National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel. Capable of providing high-performance, high-reliability overpressure protection, our product is widely used in the pressure vessels and piping in oil, chemical, natural gas and other fields.

HTO: Ordinary type; HTB: Bellows type
Size: 1" D 2"~8" T 10"
Pressure: 150 lb~2500 lb
Temperature: -196℃~+538℃

1. The valve base is separable from the body, thus making maintenance convenient and economical.
2. The umbrella disc holder and the adjusting ring effectively improves lift, which enables the valve flap to open quickly at small overpressure, thus realizing the purpose of protecting equipment.
3. Desired opening and closing pressure difference can be obtained by adjusting the adjusting ring.
4. The appropriate selection of the materials for disc holder, guide sleeve, valve stem and adjusting screw as well as adequate clearance between the disc holder and the guide ensures flexible movement of the valve flap.
5. Deposited with stellite and processed by lapping, the sealing surface ensures the corrosion resistance, high tightness and long service life of the relief valve.
6. The bellows of the HTB series of product can eliminate the influence of the backpressure fluctuation on the product performance and protect spring and other internal components from corrosive media.
7. Materials for the spring and bellows are carefully selected and they are specially processed. They also undergo strict tests and inspections.

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