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HTCL Series Corrosion Resistant Relief Valve

HTCL Series Safety Valve

Surface of the main components inside this HTCL series relief valve that contact media is lined with a layer of fluoroplastic. As the fluoroplastic has excellent chemical stability and plasticity, it can effectively prevent the strong corrosive media damaging the product structure. Therefore, our product is applicable to working conditions with strong corrosive media, such as saturated brine, wet chlorine, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, etc.

Connection form: Flange connection
Specification: 1" D 2"~ 8" T 10"
Maximum set pressure: 1.96MPa
Temperature: -29℃~180℃
Pressure level: 150lb (American standard); 2.5MPa (European standard)

1. This HTCL series corrosion resistant relief valve adopts flange connection, which makes installation and removal simple and convenient.
2. Our product uses common fluoroplastic and ordinary carbon steel, avoiding adopting hastelloy alloys and other costly materials. Therefore, the cost advantage is prominent.
3. According to different media, different lining materials can be chosen, which ensures wide applications of the product.
4. Adopting a soft seal structure, our product has excellent sealing performance and can avoid pollution and waste caused by the leakage of strong corrosive media.
5. The bellows inside the valve can eliminate the influence of backpressure fluctuation on the valve performance and can protect spring and other internal component from medium corrosion.

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