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HTDS Series Remote Control Safety Valve

HTDS Series Safety Valve

The HTDS series remote control safety valve is composed of the relief valve, pneumatic actuator and gas path controller.

The pneumatic actuator enables the relief valve to open and close accurately, and it also provides auxiliary sealing force. It is suitable for working conditions where the working pressure is close to the set pressure.

The control system uses a redundant design. When the electromagnetic pneumatic control device fails, the controlled safety valve can still work normally.

In addition, our product can be remotely controlled to discharge and reseat and can meet the requirements of multiple explosion-proof levels.

Specification: 12"~ 16"
Set pressure: 0.60 ~ 0.90 MPa
Temperature: ≤345℃ (overheated steam)
Displacement: 125 ~ 180 t/h
Air supply pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.8 MPa
Power supply: 220 AC

1. Good seat tightness without leakage before each relief cycle, energy-saving
2. High permissible working pressure, improving efficiency
3. Accurate open
4. Low allowable overpressure
5. Small blowdown
6. Reduced opening and closing time, reducing emission
7. Higher application rate, cost-saving
8. Long service life

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