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HTXO Series Low Temperature Relief Valve

HTXO Series Safety Valve

Connection: NPT pipe thread
Specification: 1/2D3/4 ~11/2 F11/2
Maximum set pressure: 5MPa
Temperature: -196℃~208℃

1. The HTXO series relief valve is mainly used in ultra-low temperature working conditions. It is simple in structure and is economical.
2. The sealing surface is deposited with stellite and subjected to lapping, which ensures good sealing property and long service life.
3. The adopted non-metallic sealing materials have remarkable creep resistance, thus ensuring high tightness in ultra-low temperature operating conditions.
4. The spring is made of carefully-selected materials and is processed elaborately. It is also strictly tested. Therefore, it enables the safety valve to open accurately and return timely in cryogenic operating conditions.
5. Our product is able to discharge stably with a high discharge coefficient at cryogenic temperature conditions.
6. Desired overpressure and blowndown can be obtained by adjusting the adjusting ring.

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