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Pilot Operated Safety Valve

HTXD Series Pilot Operated Safety Valve
The HTXD series pilot operated safety valve is designed and produced based on the requirements described in the Ⅷ volume of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. It is composed of the main valve and the pilot valve. The pilot valve acts in response to the medium pressure and thus control the opening and closing of the main valve.

This series of product is suitable for working conditions of high backpressure, large flow, high pressure, strict sealing requirements, and compact installation position.

Size: 1" D 2"~8" T 10"
Pressure: 150 lb~2500 lb
Temperature: -29℃~+260℃

Allowable tolerance of the set pressure ≤± 3% of the set pressure
Overpressure ≤ 10% of the set pressure
Blowdown ≤ 10% of the set pressure

1. The soft-sealed seat ensures good seat tightness before and after each relief. This conforms to the API 527 standard.
2. The allowable working pressure is close to the set pressure of this pilot operated safety valve.
3. A small overpressure will make the main valve reach the full-open state.
4. Our product's action performance and opening height are independent of the backpressure.
5. The opening and closing pressure difference can be adjusted.
6. The non-flowing design of the pilot valve reduces the emission of harmful media and environmental pollution.
7. The set pressure of this product can be detected on line.

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