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HTGS Series Safety Valve

The HTGS series safety valve is developed for the steam power system in the oil, chemical, thermal power and nuclear power industries. It is mainly used for power boiler, once-through boiler, reheater and associated piping systems.

Our product is compliant with volume I, rules for construction of power boilers, of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. It has characteristics of low overpressure, small blowdown, and reliable action performance.

Specification: 1 1/2"~6"
Pressure level: 300 lb~2500 lb
Temperature: ≤+520℃

1. The HTGS series safety valve adopts a back pressure regulating system. The back seat pressure is provided by the inlet steam and is adjustable, thus ensuring that the blowdown is not more than 4% of the set pressure.
2. The adopted elastic thermal valve flap technology ensures the sealing performance under high-temperature, high-pressure conditions.
3. The valve seat and body are connected as a whole, which ensures reliable connection in the condition of high temperature and high pressure.
4. Flanges are used for the inlet and outlet connection. This facilitates the assembling, disassembling and maintenance of the product.
5. The guide shows excellent alignment performance, which ensures flexible and reliable action of the product.
6. All materials selected can meet the using requirements at high temperature.
7. The valve flap and seat are deposited with satellite and are subjected to precision lapping.
8. The adopted high-performance spring is tested under simulative service conditions and can guarantee normal working at high temperature and pressure.

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