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Changeover Valve/Switching Valve

HTKH-A Series Safety Valve Quick Crossover Device

The HTKH-A series changeover valve is composed of the switching valve and two identical safety valves (or rupture discs). One safety valve performs overpressure protection online and the other is used as a spare.

Using this device can realize the online switching of in-use safety valve and spare one without stopping the protected equipment. This fully meets the requirements of online backup discharge, provides the equipment with continuous overpressure protection, and extends the equipment's operation cycle.

The changeover valve adopts a Y type three-way flow path design and has characteristics of low flow resistance, wide suitable temperature range, anti-misoperation, etc.

Specification: 1"- 8"
Pressure level: 150 lb-600 lb
Temperature: ≤+260℃

1. This fast switching device is equipped with a balance valve, so the rotational torque is small and operation is handy. The switching can be completed within one minute.
2. Our product protects workers from being exposed in hazardous environment.
3. Switching without stopping the protected equipment, this device provides continuous overpressure protection, which avoids the high cost caused by emergency shutdown.
4. A notable red handle correctly indicates the position of the in-use safety valve.
5. There is a vent valve under each safety valve (rupture disc). It is used to relieve the media in the safety valve to be dismantled and to lead them into the discharge pipe.
6. Our product can be used for handling media with the temperature up to +260℃.
7. The valve seat is floating, which helps to maintain the required sealing property after repeated actions.
8. The small flow resistance ensures that the pressure reduction of the pipe before the valve inlet is less than 3% of the set pressure. This complies with the requirement of the API RP520.

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