1. Pressure Safety ValvesIts discharge coefficient is approved by the American National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel. Capable of providing high-performance, high-reliability overpressure protection, our product is widely used in the pressure vessels and piping in oil, chemical, natural gas and other fields.
    1. Pilot Operated Safety ValveThe HTXD series pilot operated safety valve is designed and produced based on the requirements described in the Ⅷ volume of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. It is composed of the main valve and the pilot valve. The pilot valve acts in response to the medium pressure and thus control the opening and closing of the main valve.
    1. HTNB Series Pressure Relief ValveAdopting a soft seal structure, our product has excellent tightness and it can adapt to environment with solid particles.
      The protruding type entrance meets the special requirements of the loop reactor.
      The design of multiple bellows enables the relief valve to work normally under large backpressure.
    1. HTXY Series Pressure Relief ValveThe HTXY series pressure relief valve is suitable for liquids.
      It is compact in structure and light in weight.
      Structural materials: carbon steel, stainless steel
      Inlet and outlet connection: male thread, female thread, flange
    1. HTGS Series Safety ValveThe HTGS series safety valve adopts a back pressure regulating system. The back seat pressure is provided by the inlet steam and is adjustable, thus ensuring that the blowdown is not more than 4% of the set pressure.
      The adopted elastic thermal valve flap technology ensures the sealing performance under high-temperature, high-pressure conditions.
    1. Safety Valve with JacketThe valve body, including the inlet and outlet flanges, is insulated, so the insulation effect is good. If necessary, a steam flushing function can be added.
      The bellows type structure enables the set pressure of the valve to be free from the influence of fluctuating backpressure.
    1. Changeover Valve/Switching ValveUsing this device can realize the online switching of in-use safety valve and spare one without stopping the protected equipment. This fully meets the requirements of online backup discharge, provides the equipment with continuous overpressure protection, and extends the equipment's operation cycle.
    1. HTDO/HTDB Series Large Orifice Pressure Relief ValvesThe HTDO/HTDB series large orifice pressure relief valves are used for the safety protection of various pressure bearing devices and large storage tanks in the petrochemical industry.
      Our product is compost in structure, small in size and light in weight.
      The caliber ranges from 10V14 to 20BB24 and the displacement of one 20BB24 device is equivalent to that of six 8T10 devices.
    1. HTCL Series Corrosion Resistant Relief ValveAs the fluoroplastic has excellent chemical stability and plasticity, it can effectively prevent the strong corrosive media damaging the product structure. Therefore, our product is applicable to working conditions with strong corrosive media, such as saturated brine, wet chlorine, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, etc.
    1. HTDS Series Remote Control Safety ValveThe pneumatic actuator enables the relief valve to open and close accurately, and it also provides auxiliary sealing force. It is suitable for working conditions where the working pressure is close to the set pressure.
      The control system uses a redundant design. When the electromagnetic pneumatic control device fails
    1. HTXO Series Low Temperature Relief ValveThe HTXO series relief valve is mainly used in ultra-low temperature working conditions. It is simple in structure and is economical.
      The sealing surface is deposited with stellite and subjected to lapping, which ensures good sealing property and long service life.
      The adopted non-metallic sealing materials have remarkable creep resistance, thus ensuring high tightness in ultra-low temperature operating conditions.

Safety Valves/Relief Valve

Our HT series of safety valves are designed, produced, and tested in strict accordance with the ASME specification and the API standard. Reliable performance of the product is ensured by the domestic leading multi-position, full-performance test equipment.

The HT series of relief valve has contained over ten types of products. These products have been widely adopted by hundreds of domestic enterprises in the oil, chemical, energy, metallurgy, medical, textile and other industries, and they have been exported to more than a dozen countries.

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