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Automatic Return Valve

Automatic Recirculation Valve

The automatic return valve is an independent system. It can sense the changes in the main road and adjust the bypass flow according to the main road flow. Integrating return preventing, flow sensing, bypass flow control and multi-level decompression, it replaces at least seven components in a cycle control system, such as the pore plate, flowmeter, bypass control valve, etc., which simplifies the system and improves reliability.

The automatic recirculation valve is developed based on the automatic valve technology and multi-stage decompression technology of the rocket engine. Installed in the outlet of the centrifugal pump, it ensures the minimum flow of the pump by the bypass backflow, improves the pump's efficiency, reduces the pump's failure, and ensures the pump to work more economically and efficiently.

1. The spring and damper reduce fluctuation and prevent "water hammer".
2. The check valve is sensitive to the process flow and can prevent media flowing back.
3. The bypass valve has a multi-level decompression function, which can prevent cavitation.

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