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Labyrinth Valve

Labyrinth Control Valve

The labyrinth valve is mainly used for flow, pressure and sound control of gases and liquids under high pressure difference conditions. It is a key instrument in the high pressure and ultra-high pressure decompression systems, and it is widely used in the electric power and chemical industries.

1. Actuator
Pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and manual actuators are available. The wide selection range can meet users' various needs.

2. Bonnet Seal
Wholly enclosed O-ring, metal O-ring, pressurized self-sealing and other sealing forms are adopted. These devices are easy to install and maintain.

3. Stem Seal
The composite PTFE with flexible graphite packing ensures no leakage.

4. Multi-stage Decompression Trim
Decompression stages are up to 60 and the differential pressure reaches 38Mpa. The trim restricts fluid flow rate while decompressing, which can eliminate erosion and cavitation, reduce vibration and noise, extend service life, and reduce maintenance cost.

5. Seat Seal
The seat adopts hard seal, pressurized seal, or soft seal and the sealing rating reaches V or VI.

6. Easy Maintenance
The valve trim can be injected and removed without removing the valve body from the pipeline, and it can automatically clamp the seat ring. In addition, there is a large clearance between the seat retainer and the plug head. These make it easy to dismantle the valve for maintenance.

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