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Eccentric Rotary Valve

Eccentric Rotary Control Valve

Our eccentric rotary valve has a novel structure. Its body is similar to a cylinder. An eccentricity is designed between the spherical center of the spool and the rotation center of the shaft. When the shaft drives the spool to rotate, the spool spherical surface does an eccentric rotation relative to the body center. The trajectory is a cam-shaped curve. When the rotary valve is closed, the flexible arm of the spool is elastically deformed, making the spherical center of the spool closely fit the seat and realizing reliable sealing. Therefore, this product is also named cam deflection valve.

This product has a large rated flow coefficient and the two directions of flows have high dynamic reliability. Our product is compact in structure and light in weight, which is easy to install. It also features good sealing performance and wide applicable temperature range. With a simple flow path, our product is suitable for high-viscosity, particulate media.

Flanges are in accordance with the ANSI B 16.5 standard.

Diameter (inch) Pressure Rating
150 300 600
1~2 ●□ ●□
3~6 ●□ ●□

● Clip-on connection (recommended)
□ Flange connection

Note: If customers need ANSI Class 600, 1"~6" flange, please contact us.

Temperature Range, Leakage Class
Diameter (inch) Pressure Rating Seat Type Temperature Range (℃) Leakage Class
ANSI B 16.104
Min. Max.
1~12 150~600 Metal -195 400 IV
150~600 Soft -73 204 VI
14 150-300 Metal -195 400 IV
Critical Flow Coefficient Cf
Rated Flow Coefficient Flow Close Flow Open
Full flow 0.68 0.85
Reduced flow 0.7 0.88

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