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Disc Valve

Rotating Disc Valve

As a new type of switching valve, the disc valve has large flow capability and good wear resistance. It is particularly suitable for media with solid particles, such as polysilicon, organic silicon, aluminum, and power station ash, etc., in high-temperature, high-pressure, high-corrosion and high-abrasion process systems.

In the work process, the actuator drives the valve stem to drive the disc. The sealing face of the disc closely attaches to the sealing seat under the action of the spring, which prevents particulate materials entering the sealing face. The friction exerted by the seat sealing face to the disc in the tangential direction causes the disc to rotate, thus polishing the sealing surface. Therefore, this product is especially suitable for process systems handling solid particulate media.

Nominal Pressure 150Lb
Nominal Diameter 0.5"~18"
Working Pressure Vacuum~7bar
Working Temperature -200℃~800℃
Connection Mode Flange

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