1. Low and Vacuum Pressure Safety ValveThe low and vacuum pressure safety valve is a low-pressure protection device used in oil, chemical, natural gas, and other industries. It can make the tank pressure stay in the normal state and reduce the evaporation loss of the volatile liquid inside the tank. When a pump injects or extracts medium or there is heat exchange
    1. Cracking Furnace ValveThe cracking furnace valve is one of the key components for the ethylene cracker. It is installed in the outlet of the ethylene cracking furnace. Generally, a furnace is equipped with two such devices. One is used to cut off the main pipeline of the pyrolysis gas and the other is used for cutting off the decoking pipeline.
    1. Sewage Check ValveThe sewage check valve is specially designed for the gasification and slag water treatment of the Texaco coal chemical process. It can control the liquid level of gasification furnace and carbon scrubber as well as perform multi-stage flash evaporation to the discharged blackwater, so as to recycle the gray water and heat.
    1. Automatic Return ValveThe automatic return valve is an independent system. It can sense the changes in the main road and adjust the bypass flow according to the main road flow. Integrating return preventing, flow sensing, bypass flow control and multi-level decompression, it replaces at least seven components in a cycle control system, such as the pore plate, flowmeter, bypass control valve, etc.
    1. Labyrinth ValveThe labyrinth valve is mainly used for flow, pressure and sound control of gases and liquids under high pressure difference conditions. It is a key instrument in the high pressure and ultra-high pressure decompression systems, and it is widely used in the electric power and chemical industries.
    1. Eccentric Rotary ValveWhen the shaft drives the spool to rotate, the spool spherical surface does an eccentric rotation relative to the body center. The trajectory is a cam-shaped curve. When the rotary valve is closed, the flexible arm of the spool is elastically deformed, making the spherical center of the spool closely fit the seat and realizing reliable sealing.
    1. Polymer ValveThe polymer valve can be used for flow and pressure control of melt. It is widely used to change the flow direction of process media and separate or mix polymer media. It can be used alone or together with the discharge valve and drain valve. This product has been widely applied in China's chemical fiber field.
    1. Disc ValveIn the work process, the actuator drives the valve stem to drive the disc. The sealing face of the disc closely attaches to the sealing seat under the action of the spring, which prevents particulate materials entering the sealing face. The friction exerted by the seat sealing face to the disc in the tangential direction causes the disc to rotate, thus polishing the sealing surface.

Special Valves

Our company provides multiple special valves, such as cracking furnace valve, sewage check valve, automatic return valve, etc. These products are widely used in the oil, chemical, textile, metallurgy and other fields, which are trusted by customers. Product materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, double-phase steel, hastelloy alloy, monel alloy, and so on.

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