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Slag Crusher

Our vertical and horizontal slag crushers are applied in the coal gasification industry. They can match various coal gasification systems involving Texaco process, GSP process, HT process and the four-nozzle technology of East China University of Science and Technology. We occupy 100% market share in China's slag crusher industry. We are the only supplier of this kind of product in China. Meanwhile, we are the only supplier of horizontal slag crusher in the international market.

Water Flow Solid Flow Pressure Temperature
Vertical Slag Crusher 0-576000 kg/h 0-35000 kg/h 0-9.5 MPaG 0-280℃
Horizontal Slag Crusher 0-576000 kg/h 0-54000 kg/h 0-5.4 MPaG 0-150℃

The slag crushing machine is a key component in improving the operational reliability of the whole coal gasification system. It is installed between the bottom of the gasifier and the lock hopper or slag locking tank to crush oversized slag or shedding firebrick, so as to ensure that the gasifier can discharge slag smoothly and operate continuously for a long time.

The machine housing is designed according to pressure vessels and a rotating shafting is equipped. The excellent machining precision ensures good sealing of upper and lower flanges as well as the shafting during operation. Movable and static teeth using special high-strength materials ensure the long life of the large torque crushing system.

There is a certain slag accumulation space in the inner cavity of the crusher. A stuffing box is installed between the shaft and the housing. The sleeve surface that is in contact with the seal packing has been specially processed, which greatly improves the wear resistance. With rich experience in material selection and configuration of packing seal, we are able to provide packing seal with advanced structure and high pressure resistance.

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