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Vertical High-speed Centrifugal Pumps

With features of compact structure, excellent performance and high reliability, the GSB-L series of vertical high-speed centrifugal pumps can replace the imported product. Their parts are interchangeable with those of the imported products. Our product can replace multi-stage pump and reciprocating pump as well. Its maximum flow is 250m3/h; maximum head is 2180m; maximum suction pressure is 6.8MPaG; maximum power is 315KW; and the working temperature is -130℃ to +340℃.

No. Pump Type GSB-L1 GSB-L2 GSB-L4A
1 Max. Flow (m3/h) 150 52 250
2 Max. Head (m) 1920 915 2180
3 Max. Motor Power(kW) 132 37 315
4 Speed Range (rpm) 4950~23700 4900~14179 4950~23700

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