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High Speed Rotary Compressor

High Speed Compressor

The GSY high speed rotary compressor is a new product developed to meet the market demand on the basis of the acceleration theory of high speed pumps. Optimally designed by the CAD software, our product has high adiabatic efficiency and excellent using performance. In addition, multiple types of seal, such as single seal, tandem seal, double seal and dry gas seal, can be used in accordance with the API standard, which can meet the requirements of various working conditions.

Model Flow (m³/h) Pressure Ratio Max. Working Pressure(Mpa) Temperature Range (℃) Speed (rpm) Power (KW)
GSY-L 300~22000 1~3 20 -130~+340 4800~33600 7.5~315
GSY-W 10~30000 1~5 30 -130~+340 4800~30000 7.56~600

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