1. Slag CrusherThey can match various coal gasification systems involving Texaco process, GSP process, HT process and the four-nozzle technology of East China University of Science and Technology. We occupy 100% market share in China's slag crusher industry. We are the only supplier of this kind of product in China. Meanwhile, we are the only supplier of horizontal slag crusher in the international market.
    1. Vertical High-speed Centrifugal PumpsTheir parts are interchangeable with those of the imported products. Our product can replace multi-stage pump and reciprocating pump as well. Its maximum flow is 250m3/h; maximum head is 2180m; maximum suction pressure is 6.8MPaG; maximum power is 315KW; and the working temperature is -130℃ to +340℃.
    1. Horizontal High-speed Centrifugal PumpsThe GSB-W series of horizontal high-speed centrifugal pumps are single-stage, single-suction and overhung products. The product is mainly composed of motor, gearbox, pump unit, lubrication system and base. It has features of simple structure, stable characteristic parameters, high reliability, easy maintenance and long service life.
    1. High Speed Rotary CompressorThe GSY high speed rotary compressor is a new product developed to meet the market demand on the basis of the acceleration theory of high speed pumps. Optimally designed by the CAD software, our product has high adiabatic efficiency and excellent using performance. In addition, multiple types of seal, such as single seal, tandem seal, double seal and
    1. High-pressure Abrasion-proof PumpThe maximum flow rate of our high-pressure abrasion-proof pump is 700m3/h. The maximum head is 200m and the maximum inlet pressure is 10MPa. This product is mainly applied in the coal gasification industry and it can match Texaco, Shell, GSP, and HT gasification process systems. It can be used as a recirculation pump for the lock hopper and washing tower

Crusher, Pump and Compressor

We have developed multiple types of crusher, pump and compressor by means of the technical advantages of the liquid rocket engine turbopump development in the flow field calculation, hydraulic model optimization, cavitation mechanism research, optimized design and match of induced wheel and centrifugal wheel, high-power high-speed bearing design, high PV ultra-low viscosity dynamic seal, gear research design, and other aspects. Our products are fully capable of replacing similar imported products.

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