1. Hot Oil HeaterOur company provides a series of hot oil heaters which burn oil, gas or the mixture of oil and gas. Our products cover the range of 500,000Kcal/h to 27,000,000Kcal/h. They can achieve unattended, automatic operation. We provide two types of this product, which are liquid phase type and gas phase flash vaporization type.
    1. Industrial Tube HeaterWe provide industrial tube heater with or without phase change. The furnace profile includes cylindrical, square box and step. Our product can run automatically and the efficiency reaches 92%. The furnace body and the combustion & control system are integrated to deliver.
    1. Hot Blast FurnaceOur hot blast furnace can provide hot blast with the temperature over 350℃ and the thermal range of 500,000 to 10,000,000Kcal/h. It operates automatically and is widely used in the chemical fertilizer industry. It is generally used as the drying apparatus in the coal grinding section of coal-to-methanol and coal-based olefin equipment.
    1. Reaction FurnaceThe reaction furnace is the most important equipment in the cracking and transformation reactions, which has features of complex reaction, strict requirement in temperature distribution, high-precision control system, etc. We have conquered many technical difficulties, such as the design of heat absorption model of reaction inside the tube.

Heating Units/Industrial Furnace

As a professional supplier for heating furnace design and manufacturing, we integrates design development, key equipment manufacturing, systems integration, and construction organizing. We can design and produce multiple types of heating furnaces, such as cylindrical furnace, square box furnace and ladder furnace, for petrochemical, oil refining, coal chemical, coking, engineering plastics, organic silicon and other industries. We are able to undertake large-scale heating unit projects in the form of turnkey operation. In addition, system solutions can be provided for heating furnace combustion engineering according to customer requirements.

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