1. Waste IncineratorOur company has developed various waste incinerators for handling waste gas, liquid, and trash in the petrochemical, coal chemical, natural gas chemical, metallurgy and electric power industries, so as to realize harmless treatment and recycling of organics containing chloride, sulfur, ammonia and N2O. We can develop products according to customer requirements.

Thermal Engineering Products

We transform traditional energy engineering by means of the liquid rocket engine high-temperature, high-pressure, high-efficiency, high-speed burning and reliable automatic ignition technology. We also possess multiple proprietary technologies, such as the industrial waste liquid, waste gas incineration technology, industrial furnace burning and energy-saving technologies, efficient pure oxygen combustion technology, entrained flow pulverized coal combustion technology, low NOx emission combustion technology, high pressure vacuum injector technology, etc. Therefore, we can provide solutions for engineering design, key equipment development, construction and other aspects of areas like natural gas chemical, petrochemical, and coal chemical.

Related Names
Heating Process Equipment | Thermal Energy Project | Natural Gas Processing Technology