About Us

Changlong Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of professional industrial equipment. As a subsidiary of the well-known Changlong Group, we provide clients with high-quality machinery such as the crusher, pump, compressor, land loading arm, marine loading arm, gangway, quick release hook, and various thermal engineering products. Our critical loading arm components are infused with Chinese aerospace technology, effectively providing comprehensive solutions for fluid transportation.

Products are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with international standards such as ISO9001, ISO14001, OCIMF, BSI, ASME, and API. We deal with internationally recognized clientele such as the American Flour, CBI, French Technip and Malaysian Dialog.

Products can be designed and configured according to customer requirements. Machine optimization is provided by our professional technical team, finely calibrated for select environment specifications.

Raw Material
We utilize steels that are in full compliance with European and American standards. Electronic control components are procured from internationally recognized manufacturer brands.

Processing Equipment
We own complete sets of advanced processing machinery such as CNC machining equipment and automatic cutting & welding devices.

Testing Instruments
In order to properly ensure product integrity, we conduct controlled tests such as the 100% X-ray weld inspection and air/water permeability assessment. Physical components such as surface paint and swivel joints are also thoroughly tested.

Design & Production
Our technical team has two decades of industry experience and is proficient in the design of marine loading arms. A core staff of 150 skilled workers allows us to manufacture 200 marine loading arms and 2000 land loading arms each year.

Packaging & Transport
Sealing packaging is adopted in order to meet ocean shipping requirements and accommodate steel frame fixation. Our factory is in close proximity of Shanghai, making overseas shipping very convenient. The loading arm is transported as a single unit, reducing labor and complexity during installation.

After-sale Service
We continue to offer customer care after the initial purchase. Inexpensive spare parts as well as quality tracking and routine maintenance services are dispensed promptly upon request.

Development Events
Oct. 2007 The Petrochemical Equipment Business Unit was conceived. It was responsible for the design, assembly, and distribution of petrochemical equipment in high-end overseas markets.
Nov. 2010 We developed the second-generation low-temperature rotary joint, marking our entry into the international advanced level in the field of loading arm.
Oct. 2011 Changlong Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. was formed for the development and production of low-temperature loading arm and other related products.
Nov. 2012 We won the bid for the PetroChina Tangshan LNG project, which includes 15 sets of LNG loading arms and skid-mounted metering systems. This became the largest LNG receiving terminal in domestic history.